Core Facility

Core Facility

Core Facility

Welcome to the UCCS Center for the BioFrontiers Institute core facility. BioFrontiers offers instruments and laboratory space to users both within the university system and to community users. We provide access to instrumentation that may be beyond the purchasing budgets of many users and the experience and expertise to assist in productive data generation.

Information and Scheduling: Please contact Guy Hagen at 719-255-3692 or

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  1. Scanning electron microscope with EDX and e-beam lithography
  2. Sputtering unit for SEM 
  3. Electron beam lithography  (40 nm resolution)   
  4. Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscope
  5. Atomic Force/Magnetic Force Microscope
  6. Confocal Microscope
  7. TIRF Microscope
  8. Fluorescence spectrometer
  9. Spectrophotometer  (UV-Visible-IR)
  10. Low-field NMR Spectrometer
  11. Flow Cytometer
  12. Real time PCR system
  13. Coulter Counter
  14. Centrifuges and water purifier
  15. Ultra-high resolution microscopy - based on structured light
  16. SQUID magnetometer with closed cycle He cooling (Quantum Design)
  17. Brucker VERTEX 70 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer  1 THz - 180 THz
  18. Dynamic Light Scattering
  19. X-ray Diffraction -  SmartLab Rigaku

Please inquire regarding the following:

  • Cell Culture Facilities: Biosafety hoods, incubators, centrifuges, liquid nitrogen storage.
  • Analysis Equipment: spectrophotometer, fluorimeter, calorimeter.


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