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Welcome to the UCCS BioFrontiers Center!

The UCCS BioFrontiers Center is devoted to collaborations between scientists across disciplines to advance biotechnology. The initial focus of the BioFrontiers Center is to complete collaborative research projects in biology and physics. Our goal is to attract talented researchers and students by providing an environment that encourages and rewards innovative thinking and collaborative research. As the BioFrontiers Center grows, additional research areas will be added, bridging such disciplines as physics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, computational science, and biology.

The UCCS BioFrontiers Center currently has seven faculty members whose research will contribute to the BioFrontiers effort. We have extensive lab facilities and equipment in the new Osborne Science and Engineering Center. 

UCCS BioFrontiers Center is funded by a generous donation from the CU Foundation. In 2019, the BioFrontiers Center managed more than $3 million in grants. The BioFrontiers Center has worked with over 100 students, ranging from high school to graduate level. Contact the Center to find out more about our research and how you can contribute.


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Recent Grants and Awards

National Institutes of Health Grant "Imaging Cells and Tissues with Super-Resolution Structured Illumination Microscopy"  Principal Investigator – Guy Hagen 

National Institutes of Health Grant "Insomnia phenotypes and their impact on maternal and infant health"  Principal Investigator – Michele Okun

Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade Grant "Ultra-sensitive fluorescent nanochip for toxins detection" Principal Investigator – Anatoliy Pinchuk

Fulbright Distinguished Chair Award: by  US-Australia Fulbright Commission, and The University of Newcastle, Australia "Improving cancer therapies and medical treatments with magnetic nanoparticles" Robert Camley


More Information

For more information, please contact:

Robert Camley, Distinguished Professor of Physics

Kristen Petersen, Operations Manager

Guy Hagen, BioPhysics Lab Manager